Do you require immediate attention from an electrician? Contact us now! At 1st Electrical Services, we receive calls daily on various electrical services ranging from power trip failure, DB box electrical repair and various emergency electrical services.

When Should You Hire A Emergency Electrician?

Rubber Burning Smell

When electrical wirings are in contact and do not generate properly electrical flow, heat is generated. A prolong discharge may cause the rubber protection around the wires to melt.

At this instant, it is best to turn all your electrical appliances off to avoid damaging your expensive electrical applicants or getting your premise on fire.

Most cases of rubber burning smell are caused by electrical overload which happens quite frequently since we try our best to pluck as many sockets to our power adapter as possible

Contact an electrician to inspect the premise and change the necessary wiring.

Consistent Power Trip

Have you had the experience of power tripping and where you try to turn the power on again at your central power box, it trips again?

Most of the consistent power trips are caused by a faulty electrical socket or electrical leaks that can be dangerous.

When this happens, get an electrician to inspect the premise. The electrician will inspect any possible electrical leaks and ensure it is safe before turning the power back on. By doing this, you can be sure that your expensive electrical appliances will not be damaged.

At 1st Electrical Services, we are ready to serve you around the clock. Our team of Electricians we stationed island-wide to response to your calls immediately.