Power Trip In Singapore

Electrical power trips can be inconvenient and common for households in Singapore as all homes in Singapore comes with a DB Box where the general power to your entire house links to the circuit box.

Common Causes of Power Trip

While power trips are quite common, understanding the root cause of the problem can help us identify the problem, isolate the problem and avoid future occurrence.

Below are some of the common causes:

Electrical Overload

When too many plugs are connected to a single socket, an electrical overload may occur which may lead to a power trip in your house. If this is the root cause of your power trip, remove all plugs from the socket.

Faulty Appliance

After a prolong usage of your electrical appliance, some of them may turn bad. The most common cause of bad electrical plug is a burned fuse. A burned fuse may be a root cause for your power trip.


Faulty wiring is one of the most tricky cause for your power trip. Bad wiring will cause a consistent reoccurrence of power trip and difficult to identify with naked eyes.

Get professional help immediately to identify the inspect and check.

Steps To Fix Power Trip

When a power trip occurs, before turning the main switch back on, it is advisable to identify the root cause and isolate the problem to avoid reoccurrence.

Step 1:

Start by turning off all electrical power switch and points

Step 2:

Turn the main electrical power back on

Step 3:

Turn each power switch and power points on one at the time, if it trips again when the specific switch is turned on, that is the root cause of your electrical power trip

Electrical Inspection

Tried everything but still not getting power back? Engage an electrician to inspect and identify the electrical problem that causes your power trip.

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